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      Elle Daniel

      Buy Custom Lamp Shades to Brighten Your Life!

      Brighten your life with custom lamp shades. At elle daniel, we design lamp shades as unique as you are. So don’t let your home decor dip into the doldrums. There’s simply no excuse for a plain white shade today.

      With custom lamp shades, you have the opportunity to choose the fabric, colors, pattern, style, shape, size of your shade. Why settle for a generic, out-of-the-box lamp shade? Your home is your castle, where you spend the greatest portion of your life. Make sure your living space is illuminated with lighting that truly brightens, energizes and soothes your soul.

      As our earlier articles on Feng Shui reveal, colors can dramatically impact your emotions and well-being. Custom lamp shades are a perfect way to add just the right accent colors to your rooms.

      Custom Lamp Shades

      Pictured below are custom lamp shades we recently designed for clients. Each custom lamp shade is handcrafted to enhance the decor and the atmosphere of the surrounding space.

      If you would like a custom lamp shade to brighten your life, please contact us today. We are ready to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake for your home or office decor. All of our custom shades are handmade with high quality materials.