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      Custom Lampshades for Sophisticated and Eclectic Decor

      • Step One

      • Medium

        Fabric or Paper
      • At elle daniel, not only do we use quality designer fabrics to create custom lamp shades, we also design wallpaper and paper. Paper lamp shades offer delightful patterns and textures to your lighting and home decor.  The possibilities are endless!
      • Step Two

      • Shape

        Choose Your Shape
      • At elle daniel, we handcraft lamp shades in all colors, shapes and styles. With custom lamp shades, we can design a lampshade as unique and one-of-a-kind as you are! To assist you, we have created an overview of the most common styles and shapes.
      • Step Three

      • Size

        Size to fit your base
      • If you already have a lamp base, you’ll want a custom lamp shade that complements it beautifully. When ordering a lampshade by elle daniel, we’ll guide you every step of the way to determine the size, shape, style, and colors you need to match your base.
      • Step Four

      • Start

        It's easy to get started
      • When you’re ready to start, fill out the online custom request form.  Linda will contact you to provide creative inspiration, cost and shipping estimate.  Whether the lampshade is for your home, business, or as a gift for a loved one, we know you’ll love it!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      + - What is the pricing on custom lamp shades?

      Pricing can range from $85 to $350, depending on the size and complexity of your shade. After discussing your custom lampshade(s) with you, we will give you a price quote.

      + - How long does it generally take to make a custom lamp shade?

      Timing can vary depending on the complexity of your custom lamp shade. Typically, custom lamp shades requires 2-3 weeks for design, production, and delivery.

      + - Can you design custom lamp shades with fabric I provide?

      Absolutely! This is one of our favorite ways to create custom lamp shades. Clients send us fabric to match their decor — or to create a keepsake lampshade using material with sentimental and nostalgic value to them.

      + - Do you provide on-site consultation for custom lamp shades?

      Certainly. Our on-site consultations are not limited to Sarasota. We have worked with clients all over the world.

      + - Do you design custom lamp shades for businesses, hotels and restaurants?

      Yes! We design custom commercial lamp shades, oversized lampshades, and replacement lamp shades for a variety of industries, including hotels, condominiums, restaurants, offices, art galleries, museums, boutiques, hair salon, and more.

      + - How do I determine what shade size will work best with my lamp base?

      As a rule of thumb, the lamp shade width should be equal to but no more than the height from the bottom of the base to the socket.  The lamp shade height should be about ¾ of the height of the lamp base to the socket.