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      Lampshade Shapes

      At elle daniel, we handcraft lampshades in all colors, shapes and styles. With custom lampshades, we will design a lampshade as unique and one-of-a-kind as you are! To assist you, we have created an overview of the most common styles and shapes. These include drum, rectangular, oval, pagoda, empire, bell, and coolie lampshades. All of these can be designed as large or small lampshades, depending on your needs and your decor. We design chandelier lampshades for clients as well.

      A drum shade is usually defined as a shade with the same circumference at the top and bottom. Some drums have a top diameter that is slightly smaller than the bottom diameter for a tapered look. A short drum is also known as a “shallow drum” or Bouillotte.

      Drums (named for the musical instrument) have been popular since the early 1900s. Today they are definitely in demand. Drums can be used on table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, and more.

      One of the benefits of drums is that they offer both beauty and functionality. Drums can light a much larger area that many other shades. Drums diffuse light both upwards and downwards, as well as through the shade itself. In addition, drums are highly versatile. They can be used in all styles of home decor, including modern decor, traditional decor, cottage decor, and eclectic decor. Modern drums offer a simple and stylish “oomph” to modern interior design.

      Empire shades offer a simple, classic look. Generally empires have a top width that is half the size of the bottom width, creating gradually sloping sides.

      Bell shades fit well into traditional home decor. With their slight bottom flare, bells were very popular in the Victorian era.

      Coolies fit well into modern home decor. Coolies generally have a top width that is significantly smaller than the bottom width, creating dramatically sloping sides. The bottom diameter of a Coolie is often three times the diameter of the top.

      Looking for personalized gifts? Linda designs personalized nightlights. They make wonderful Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, baby gifts, and more. As you can see by the photos below, we have created night lights as gifts for tennis lovers and gifts for dog lovers. We have used modern, retro and vintage fabrics in a variety of styles and patterns. Whether you fancy stripes, polka dots, plaids, or a special theme, we’re ready to make unique and decorative night lights for you and your loved ones. We can even make night lights from the material(s) you send to us. Let us repurpose sentimental fabrics into beautiful home decor and a treasured keepsake to pass from one generation to the next.

      We can create custom chandelier shades to match and complement your decor. From modern decor to cottage decor to vintage decor, we can design the perfect chandelier shades for your home. Our lamp shades are made of a wide range of fabrics, including vintage, modern, geometric, floral, birds, stripes, plaids, polka dots, nautical, and much more. Go wild with animal prints or add elegance with a solid or scroll prints. Embellishments include tassels, pompoms, beads and more.

      Oval, square and rectangular shades have the matching top and bottom width/diameter. Pagodas are highly decorative with a dramatically flared bottom width. Custom shades can be any shape or style you desire. The image above is simply one example.

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