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      Elle Daniel

      Buy Personalized Gifts for Christmas – Custom Lamp Shades and Night Lights

      Christmas Fabric for Personalized GiftsPersonalized gifts have been growing in popularity over the last few years. At elle daniel, we love to create custom handcrafted lamp shades and night lights as gifts for the holidays.

      We’ve created one-of-a-kind Christmas night lights and lamp shades using fabric chosen by our clients.

      We can transform your mother’s old holiday apron, your child’s first Christmas dress, or another festive material into a lamp shade.

      Top 5 Reasons Personalized Gifts are the Best Gifts to Give

      Our custom lamp shades and night lights make popular and exceptional gifts for Christmas, birthdays, weddings and more. Here are five top reasons why personalized gifts are so popular.

      1. Personalized gifts offer sentiment and meaning that can last a lifetime. Our custom night lights or lamp shades can be created with fabric that has special meaning to your recipient. If your daughter loves ballet, we can create a ballet-themed nightlight or lamp shade for her room. If your son loves dinosaurs, we can create a custom and personalized shade for him as well.
      2. Personalized gifts more likely to be loved. Let’s face it, if you can customize a gift with the favorite fabric, color or theme of your recipient, it has a greater chance of delighting them. The gift is being designed with your loved one in mind.
      3. Personalized gifts are more likely to be appreciated. Not only is it more probable that your recipient will love the gift itself, it’s likely he/she will appreciate that you’ve taken the time and thought to purchase a personalized present rather than a generic store-bought item.
      4. Personalized gifts stand out. What gifts do you remember over the years? While other gifts are long forgotten, a custom gift often becomes a treasured keepsake. Also, personalized gifts are never redundant. When you buy a non-personalized gift, there’s often a chance your recipient might already have it. However, when you buy a custom gift, you can be sure it’s one-of-a-kind.
      5. Personalized gifts are often gifts we don’t buy for ourselves. Too often we think it’s extravagant or immodest to buy a personalized gift for ourselves. This is why it can be so much fun to surprise someone else. However, during the busy holiday season, don’t forget to treat yourself, too!

      Buy a Personalized Night Light or Lamp Shade!

      Call (703) 623-5952 or email Linda today to discuss a custom night light or lamp shade for someone special in your life.