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      Elle Daniel

      Commercial Lamp Shades: Improve Your Company’s Ambience

      At elle daniel, we specialize in custom lamp shades for commercial decor as well as residential homes. We create and design large-scale lamp shades used by many of the famous designer lighting brands.

      We work closely with you to determine the lampshade design that:

      • Represents the character and style of your company
      • Appeals to your targeted customers / consumers
      • Positively promotes your venue, services and/or products

      Commercial Lamp Shades for Hanging Lamps

      Below is a photo of custom commercial lamp shades we designed for a boutique.

      Commercial Lamp Shades - Custom Lamp Shades for Boutique

      Commercial Decor Matters – Ambience Sells

      Upscale restaurants do not simply offer a delicious meal. They provide a whole experience. Food may be the main ingredient of a restaurant’s allure, but ambience is just as important in drawing customers through the door — and lighting is truly the heart of ambience.

      This is true for hotels, motels, retail stores, office spaces, and more. When your customers or clients come to your door, they’re instantly evaluating you based on your decor.

      On a deeper level, we’re all affected by our surroundings. Workplaces with positive ambience can increase employee morale, productivity, and creativity. In the same way, customers are more likely to stay longer in retail stores with a pleasant atmosphere.

      Lighting plays an essential role in setting the right ambience for your company. Lighting can stir a strong emotional and subconscious response in your customers. It has the power to focus your customers’ attention, and showcase the quality of your business, venues, services, products.

      Whether you’re seeking ambient lighting (a general layer of light); accent lighting (decorative); or task lighting (such as desk lights) — it’s important to consider the impact of the lighting.

      At elle daniel, we’ll provide an in depth consultation to discuss your lighting options. With detailed artistry and design, our custom lamp shades can play a positive part in promoting your business.

      Contact Linda Daniel today to discuss your company’s lighting and ambience needs.