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      Elle Daniel

      One of Our Custom Lamp Shades Selected for Etsy Treasury List

      Our custom lamp shade “Fields of Gold” (pictured below) has been selected for a Treasury List on Etsy with the exact same name: Fields of Gold. We’re very pleased that a member of Etsy has included one of our custom lamp shades in her collection.

      Custom Lamp Shades - Fields of Gold shade by elle daniel

      Fields of Gold: Custom Lamp Shade by elle daniel

      Custom Lamp Shades by elle daniel on Etsy

      Check out all our current listings for custom lamp shades on Etsy. At elle daniel, we design the highest quality custom lamp shades for home and business. If you can’t find lamp shades in the style or color desired, we’re ready to create custom lamp shades that match your decor and your dreams! Simply contact Linda Daniel to discuss custom lamp shades for home decor, commercial decor, or as personalized gifts for loved ones.