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      Elle Daniel

      Custom Lamp Shades for Kids’ Bedrooms

      Custom Lamp Shades for Kids

      Custom lamp shades can be an essential part of creating a happy environment for children. The design of your child’s bedroom can impact your child’s health and well-being. At elle daniel, we design custom lamp shades for kids’ rooms that reflect positive energy, along with the personality and the needs of the child. We know how important it is for children to feel comfortable, safe, and truly at home in their bedrooms.

      Create a Happy Sanctuary with Custom Lamp Shades

      Here are 5 top tips to turn your child’s bedroom into a happy sanctuary.

      1. LET THERE BE LIGHT! Lighting is especially important in your child’s bedroom. Make sure there’s ample light for bedtime reading as well as daytime learning.
      2. ROOM TO GROW. If your child’s growth and education is important to you, make sure there’s a spot in the room dedicated to reading, drawing, learning.
      3. OPEN SPACE. Make sure you don’t fill up every inch of your child’s room. Open space offers breathing room for resting, stretching, and developing creativity. Too much clutter can make a child feel pressured and cramped.
      4. SHOW & TELL. Make sure your child’s room has an area to display their own artwork and creativity. Not only does this make them partial designers of their space, it also boosts their self-esteem.
      5. NO TV! Do not put a TV in a child’s room. Studies have linked bedroom TVs to child obesity.

      Use light, color, artwork, along with custom lamp shades to create a cheerful environment for your child. Kids’ bedrooms should inspire as well as soothe.

      Custom Lamp Shades Photos

      Here are various views of a custom lamp shade designed by elle daniel for a child’s bedroom.