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      Elle Daniel

      Custom Lamp Shades: Outdoor Decor!

      When it comes to custom lamp shades, think beyond the average table lamp or standing lamp. Think beyond your home’s interior, and take a look at the exterior. What does your entryway (or deck, porch, patio, lanai) say about you and your home? Is it welcoming and appealing to visitors and guests?

      At elle daniel, we create custom lamp shades for any type of lighting – interior and exterior. Below is custom lamp shade we designed for a client’s patio light.

      Patio Lamp Shade Photos

      Here is a photo of the patio lampshade lit up at night.

      Custom Lamp Shades: Patio Light (Night)

      Luxury Outdoor Decor

      For luxury outdoor decor, custom lamp shades can add sophistication and flair. If you enjoy an outdoors lifestyle, you’ll want your exterior decor — deck, porch, patio, lanai, balcony — to be as attractive as your interior decor. After all, the outside of your home makes the first impression on visitors. So don’t ignore your outdoor decor and lighting.

      For an outdoor lifestyle with elegance and style, elle daniel is ready to create custom lamp shades to compliment your home’s design. We want your outdoor living and entertainment areas to be beautiful and unique to you.

      Almost every activity you enjoy inside your home you can bring to the outdoors — particularly if you live in a warmer climate. In fact, when you add comfort and style outside, you may find yourself spending more time in the fresh air and sunshine!

      Order custom lamp shades today.