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      Elle Daniel

      Drum Lamp Shades: Why Choose Drum Lamp Shades?

      At elle daniel, we make all styles of lamp shades for custom decor. Drum lamp shades, however, are especially popular today. We receive many requests for small, medium and large drum lampshades. Read on to find out why drum lamp shades are making a big comeback in home decor today. Please free free to contact us to discuss a drum lamp shade for your home or office decor. Or shop for drum lamp shades in our etsy store.

      Drum Lamp Shades – Custom Made for Clients

      Pictured below are several drum lamp shades we have designed for our clients.

      Why Order Drum Lamp Shades?

      Drum lamp shades have been around since the early 1900s. In the 1960-70s, drum shades surged in popularity. At that time, drum shades were often designed as tall or taller than the lamp itself. What is a drum lamp shade? In general, a drum is defined as a shade which has the same diameter at its top and bottom. Some drums taper slightly, but they are all cone-shaped.

      Today, drum lamp shades have made a huge comeback. Drum shades are in high demand for all types of lighting, including chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and more. Why? Over the years, drum shades have evolved in form and design. Since drum lamp shades diffuse light upwards and downwards, they are extremely functional, lighting a much larger area than any other style of lamp shade. From silk to burlap — drum shades can range from luxurious to economical.

      Ultimately, the main attraction of drum shades are their exceptional lighting and unique versatility. Drum shades often work in any room — from functional kitchens to luxurious living rooms and bedrooms. Drum shades mix well with a variety of home decor styles, such as traditional, contemporary, bohemian, eclectic and more. Drum lamp shades can update traditional lamps, giving them a fresh and modern look. On contemporary lamps, drum shades often create a clean and lean look to modern interiors. Shallow drums (or the Bouillotte shade) offer a simple elegance.

      Both simple and versatile, drum lamp shades are a great lighting solution for home decor. Drum shades are wonderful at directing light and adding an extra ‘oomph’ to a room. Drum shades typically allow for more wattage than regular shades, giving you more light to enjoy. Put simply, drum lamp shades are a beautiful combination of form and function.

      At elle daniel, our custom drum lamp shades can come in any patterns, proportions, and fabrics to enhance your home decor.