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      Elle Daniel

      Feng Shui and Pink Lamp Shades

      Custom Lamp Shades: Pink Lamp ShadeAt elle daniel, we’ve designed an array of custom lamp shades featuring the color pink. Why is pink such a beautiful color in our custom lamp shades? First and foremost, pink is the universal color of unconditional love. Adding a custom lamp shade in the right feng shui color can create a positive shift of energy in your home or office.

      Hot shades of pink exude energy similar to the passion and action of the color red. Soft shades of pink are the opposite, evoking openness, purity and calm.

      Why Buy Custom Pink Lamp Shades?

      Add custom SOFT pink lamp shades to your home decor to increase:

      • Calm feelings and relaxation
      • Loving acceptance and contentment

      Add custom HOT pink lamp shades to your home decor to increase:

      • energy and passion

      Feng Shui Benefits of Pink Lamp Shades

      Feng Shui Bagua MapSoft pink offers gentle and soothing feng shui energy and vibrations. Soft pink is universally associated with love and marriage. A fire element, pink is best used in the Southwest feng shui bagua area. Pink lamp shades can be a perfect addition to a bathroom, bedroom or creative space.

      Pink and Green Lamp Shades

      The feng shui color combination of pink and green unites the energy of a fire feng shui element (pink) and a wood feng shui element (green). Custom lamp shades with both pink and green tend to accentuate the soothing and loving vibrations of the color pink.

      Pink and Black Lamp Shades

      The feng shui color combination of pink and black unites the feng shui energy of a fire element (pink) and a water element (black). Custom lamp shades with both pink and black tend to create a spark of drama and dialogue. Pink and black lamp shades can also have an extremely elegant “retro” look.

      As with all feng shui fire element colors, pink appears best in your home decor as custom lamp shades or accessories — rather than as the wall paint. Too much pink is thought to evoke too much imagination and/or illusion.

      Custom Lamp Shade Featuring Pink

      Here is a glance at several of our custom lamp shades featuring the color pink.

      Color Psychology of Pink Lamp Shades

      In color psychology, pink is a positive color, symbolizing hope. The color pink represents love, romance, tenderness, compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, sweetness, innocence, empathy, sensitivity, femininity, giving/receiving.

      Custom lamp shades — featuring pink — can inspire feelings of warmth and comfort. Soft pink tends to be reassuring and calming. Soft pink can alleviate feelings of resentment, anger, and aggression.

      Research has shown that exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves. In one study, violent prisoners were calmed after spending time in a pink room. Pink is used in some prisons to diffuse aggressive behavior. However, too much pink can have the opposite effect, and can increase physical weakness.

      Did you know that wearing pink may indicate a desire for acceptance, support and unconditional love? A non-threatening color, pink seeks appreciation, respect and admiration.

      If overused, pink can represent helplessness, timidity or naivete. But when combined with darker colors (black, green, blue, gray), pink becomes a stronger and more sophisticated a color.