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      Elle Daniel

      Home Decor Stores: Spotlight on Laurie Holladay

      Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to visit one of the best home decor stores in Gordonsville, VA. I met with Laurie Holladay (pictured below) in her stunning lamp and decor store.

      Laurie Holladay of Laurie Holladay Interiors in Gordonsville, VA.

      I found Laurie to be smart, gracious, talented, passionate and engaging. I learned a great deal from her, and thoroughly relished the time we spent together.

      Home Decor Stores: A Family Tradition

      Home Decor Stores: Laurie Holladay Interiors, Gordonsville, VA

      Laurie’s family has been in the home decor business for over 70 years. In the late 1940s, her parents opened one of the best home decor stores in Princeton, NJ. Laurie is continuing the tradition in Gordonsville, VA. Having grown up in the business, Laurie has extensive knowledge of interior design, home decor, lamp shades and so much more.

      Home Decor Stores: Special Services

      Not only does Laurie sell furniture and home decor, she also offers special services for her customers. One of her specialties is lamp repair and restoration.

      So if you ever find yourself near Gordonsville, VA, make sure to stop by Laurie Holladay Interiors.