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      Elle Daniel

      Lamp Shade Ideas: Custom Lamp Shades Give Homes a Face-Lift

      Does your home decor need an update or makeover? No need to spend thousands of dollars. Often a few custom lamp shades can do the trick beautifully. Adding a pop of color, pattern and texture, custom lamp shades can give a tired room a face-lift. Simply turn on your lamps and watch how your eye is drawn toward the light. So stay away from generic shades! Your home decor shouldn’t be a blank canvas, but should lift you up with warmth, flair and style.

      Custom Lamp Shades for Home Decor

      In the foyer pictured below (to the left), our custom lamp shade adds vibrancy, energy, and friendliness as visitors and guests arrive in the home. Without the shade, the foyer would appear staid, sober, overly formal.

      On the desk pictured below (to the right), notice how our custom lamp shade brings out the color of the wall as well as the colors of the floral photo behind it (that might otherwise be lost). This is a bold shade for a desk, and creates an atmosphere of creativity and individuality.

      Custom Lamp Shades Custom Lamp Shades

      On the buffet table pictured below, our illuminated custom lamp shade brings together the beautiful painting and candles with its colors and pattern — creating a unified, yet vibrant whole.

      Custom Lamp Shade: After

      Just imagine how absurd a generic shade would appear in the bedroom pictured below! Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns. The custom lamp shade, designed for this bedroom, brings together the bed decor and the wall decor with its own unique pattern.

      Custom Lamp Shade

      What does your home decor say about you? Can you guess what type of people might live inside the homes pictured above?

      If you are seeking an easy way to add OOMPH to your home decor, custom lamp shades can be a perfect gift to give yourself! Contact Linda today to discuss custom lamp shades for your home.