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      Elle Daniel

      Lamp Shade Styles

      Lamp shades come in a variety of delightful styles. At elle daniel, we can create a custom lamp shade in any shape, size or style you desire. Call us at (703) 623-5952 or use our custom lamp shade form to design your one-of-a-kind lamp shade!

      Lamp Shade History

      In the 1800s, when homes were lit with kerosene lamps, lamp shades were made of glass. After the invention of the first commercially successful electric lamp by Thomas Edison in 1879, lamp shades were made primarily of paper with the main purpose of diffusing the harsh light from early bulbs. As electricity became more common in the late 1800s and early 1900s (Victorian Era), lamp shades became more decorative. Now they were mainly made of fabric, and adorned with trim, fringe and beads. Since then, lamp shades have become a form of art and design.

      Lamp Shade Styles Today

      Below are illustrations of common lamp shade styles today. See a style you like? We’re ready to create the lampshade of your dreams!