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      Elle Daniel

      Lamp Shades for Custom Decor

      At elle daniel, we design lamp shades for custom decor. Custom lamp shades are an essential element in any space with a special theme, style or personality. Pictured below is an airplane shade created especially for a unique boy’s bedroom. Notice how the shade sets a fun and dynamic tone to the bedroom decor. The airplane shade makes you smile, doesn’t it? This is part of the delightful impact of unique and custom decor.

      Lamp shades for custom decor

      Lamp shades for custom decor

      Don’t Ignore Lamp Shades in Custom Decor

      When selecting custom decor, too often lamp shades are completely neglected. Shades make a huge impact in home decor. They affect the atmosphere and ambiance of your home. Think of where your eyes are drawn in a space — often to the light! Lighting is one of the major components in creating a pleasing living space. So it is very important not to skimp when it comes to your shades. A white shade is often an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful room. Word of advice: ban all white shades from your home! In today’s marketplace, you have a wide range of options when it comes to custom decor. There’s absolutely no need to buy generic, bland decor with no personality or character. Your home is your castle, and as queen (or king) you have a right to demand custom decor that creates a positive environment for you to live, work, create, thrive. Studies show that our environment impacts our health and wellbeing. So make sure you surround yourself with home decor that you truly love.

      Ordering Custom Lamp Shades

      Contact us to discuss custom lamp shades for your own home decor. You can rest assured that all of our shades are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, durability and quality.