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      Elle Daniel

      Light and Lighting Quotes Curated by Custom Lamp Shade Designer

      elle daniel creates custom lamp shades to brighten your space and your spirit. Just like the food you put in your body, the decor you surround yourself with can dramatically impact your mood and energy. Make sure your decor is nourishing your soul and your life.

      As a custom lamp shade designer, I have made it my passion to spread light and beauty in the world. I create custom lamp shades that celebrate the uniqueness that is you — including your personality, your style and your dreams. For ambience and atmosphere, nothing is more important that your home’s light and lighting. A beautiful and custom lamp shade can attract the eye to what matters most… the incredible beauty of light.

      Gallery of Light and Lighting Quotes

      Below we have curated light and lighting quotes to inspire you. Click on any of the images to enlarge.

      The Gift of Light

      Looking to brighten your life? My first word of advice: ban white lamp shades from your home! They’ll do nothing to inspire, encourage or energize you. Instead, give yourself or a loved one a cherished gift of beauty and light.

      My clients often tell me that their elle daniel lamp shades have become treasured keepsakes in their homes — to pass from one generation to another. Nothing pleases me more. When I create custom lamp shades, it’s often from fabrics that are sentimental, nostalgic and meaningful to my clients. It could be a daughter’s tutu, a son’s college tee, or a beloved mother’s blouse. Whatever the material, the lamp shade is a one-of-a-kind, artistic creation.

      Always remember to shine your light, stay bright, and surround yourself with pretty lamp shades!