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      Elle Daniel

      Ten Easy Holiday Decoration Ideas!

      At elle daniel, we love recycling and repurposing for festive holiday decor. Most of our high quality, handmade lamp shades and night lights have been recycled and repurposed from nostalgic or vintage fabric. Many of our clients have sent us material that has special meaning to them, and we create a shade to match and accent their decor.

      Below is a list of ten easy decor ideas to transform your home for holidays. Depending on what you have around your home, you may not have to buy a thing. Decorating for the Christmas holiday should always be fun, and when you can “go green” with your holiday decor, it’s even better.

      1. Go Green with Greenery, Garland, Pinecones

      Add a touch of wintergreen to your holiday home decor! Simple sprigs, greenery and pinecones can be transformed quickly into beautiful arrangements for your tables, walls, windows or doors. Use vases, jars, bowls, baskets, or simply spread or hang the greenery wherever you wish.

      2. Light Up!

      Candles can brighten any holiday! For Christmas, collect your red, green, gold, silver and white candles (or any color you wish) into decorative arrangements. Candles will also work perfectly with your greenery and garland above.

      3. Fun with Fruit!

      Fruit isn’t only for eating. Red, green and golden fruit (such as apples, pears, limes) are perfect for decorative holiday arrangements. Simply fill up a beautiful bowl, jar or vase. You may even want to spray-paint the fruit gold and silver to add glitter and glamor to your Christmas decor.

      4. You’re So Sweet!

      Candy as holiday decoration is a favorite among kids! Experiment with old fashioned peppermint sticks, candy canes, silver-wrapped kisses, and more. Your Christmas decor will be that much sweeter with a touch of chocolate and sugar.

      5. Gifts make Great Decor!

      Use the very gifts you’re giving for Christmas or Hanukkah as part of your holiday decor. If you prefer, you can wrap mock gifts (empty boxes) to create the same effect. Coordinate your gift wrap with your home decor, and embellish your gifts with beautiful bows, ribbons, and accents. Not only are gifts wonderful under a tree, they can look great on a mantle, side or sofa table.

      6. Scent of Cinnamon

      Do you happen to have some cinnamon sticks handy? Simply bundle some together with a red, green, silver or gold ribbon, and you’ll have a fragrant and instant decoration for your holiday decor.

      7. Christmas Cards

      Repurpose last year’s Christmas cards by turning them into decorations this year. Christmas cards are a fun and personal way to add charm and color to your holiday decor. Simply place the cards on a mantle or use clothespins to hang them from a string or ribbon.

      8. What’s Cookin’?

      No need to spend money on expensive decorations. Simply take out your Christmas cookie cutters, and hang them from a ribbon. You can even embellish the cookie cutters with spray paint or glitter. Cookies also make wonderfully unique ornaments to hang on a tree or a window, and kids can have a lot of fun making them.

      9. Where are My Mittens?

      Mittens can make adorable holiday decorations. Simply save any stray mittens or collect the pairs your children have outgrown. Then attach them to yarn and hang them along a staircase, bookshelf, window or mantel.

      10. Bows Abound!

      After we wrap all our gifts, we often end up with more bows that we need. Don’t worry – bows make wonderful accents around the house at Christmastime. Add bows to your tree and your holiday arrangements. Bows can also be added to your mailbox, lamp posts, stairways, and much more.

      We hope you’ve found this list fun and useful as you start preparing for your holiday. So many of our customers are pleased by the difference a single shade can make in beautifying a room.