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      Elle Daniel

      Best Lighting Choices

      Lighting ChoicesWill you recognize the new light bulbs in the stores? In January 2014, the Energy Independence and Security Act (passed in 2007) went into effect. This law bans the manufacturing and importation of standard 40-watt and 60-watt light bulbs — the very bulbs you’ve most likely used for years in your home.

      According to Terry McGowan (Director of Engineering and Technology for the American Lighting Association):

      “This is the biggest change we’ve ever seen in residential lighting. There are new light bulbs, new interest on the part of the consumer, a lot of things to learn. It’s a time of change.”

      Until the remaining inventory is sold out, you’ll still see the standard incandescent bulbs in stores. However, you’ll also find many new lighting choices — lighting that’s better for the environment as well as your utility bills. By saving energy, your new lighting choices are designed to save you money in the long run.

      Energy Saving Lighting

      Halogen Incandescents

      If you’re uncomfortable with big change, you may appreciate that Halogen Incandescents are similar to incandescent light bulbs.

      • Similar in size and shape to standard incandescent light bulbs
      • Dimmable with light that resembles the soft glow of old-fashioned light bulbs
      • Use 25-30% less energy than standard incandescents
      • Last up to three times longer than standard incandescents
      • Not as efficient as CFLs and LEDs

      Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

      • Best upfront value for you
      • Using only 1 CFL in your home will generally save more than $40 over its lifetime
      • Use about 75% less energy than standard incandescents
      • Last up to 10 times longer than standard incandescents
      • Produce 75% less heat than standard incandescents
      • Contain small traces of mercury and should NOT be used in spaces where anyone (especially children and pets) can bump into and break them

      CFLs and Mercury
      CFLs contain about 4 milligrams each. However, since electricity use is the main source of mercury emissions in the US, the EPA claims that CFLs actually reduce the total amount of mercury in the environment. When CFLs are in use and intact, they release no mercury. If a CFL breaks, instructions are to clear the room, open a window, turn off the A/C, and clean with caution.

      Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

      Lighting: LEDsLEDs are one of the fastest growing technologies in the lighting market. According to ENERGY STAR, if you install an LED in your newborn’s nursery, you won’t have to change the bulb until that baby is graduating from college. While LEDs aren’t cheap, prices are expected to drop as the technology becomes standardized.

      • Upfront cost for LEDs is higher than other bulbs
      • Long life cycle — lasting up to 22 years
      • Big energy savings — saving 75% or more in energy costs
      • Come in a variety of colors, shapes and power to match your lighting design and use
      • Average LEDs generally match the glow of 40-60 Watt incandescents
      • Produce less heat than incandescents, reducing A/C energy
      • No breakable glass or filaments
      • NOTE: Can be heavier than other bulbs
      • NOTE: Not all LEDs are dimmable

      Matching Lights Bulbs and Lamp Shades

      When you buy custom lamp shades through us, you’ll want to choose a bulb that suits your shade and style.

      There are several guides to your new lighting options to help you choose.

      When you order custom lamp shades, let us know if you have special requirements to fit your particular light bulbs.