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      Elle Daniel

      Black Lamp Shades

      Looking for dramatic lighting? First: throw out your white lamp shades. Then: try black lamp shades. At elle daniel, we design black lamp shades especially for you: your setting and your style. Whether you favor modern decor or vintage decor, black lamp shades can be perfect.

      Custom-Made, Black Lamp Shades

      black lamp shades

      Pictured above is a custom lamp shade created for an optometrist office in Sarasota, Florida. The unique, geometric design features black shades / eyeglasses. The 100% cotton fabric is black and white with red and white dotted trim. What a perfect way to make patients smile! A single lamp shade can dramatically impact the overall atmosphere of a setting or space. Why be bland? Isn’t it time to stand out with a unique and custom lamp shade? Below is a selection of unique lamp shades — featuring the color black — by elle daniel.

      Decorating with Black Lamp Shades

      According to the interior design experts at Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living and HGTV, decorating with black has withstood the test of time. Black lamp shades have the power to add sophistication, elegance, and a sense of drama to a space. If you love atmosphere and dramatic lighting, don’t be afraid to decorate with black. A black lamp shade is the perfect place to start. As an accent piece, lamp shades can add a splash of black and drama to a room without requiring you to repaint all the walls or replace all the furniture. According to Lauren Flanagan (Interior Decorating Expert):

      at least a little bit of black is essential in every room. It’s dramatic, stylish, and provides a grounding effect that is necessary in every interior. Just like a coating of mascara on the eyelashes, black enhances the colors and shapes around it

      Extremely versatile, black can be used in any space and fit into any style. Contact us today about a beautiful, black lamp shade for your home or office decor. We design the highest quality, custom lamp shades in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors.