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      Elle Daniel

      Feng Shui and Black Lamp Shades

      Custom Lamp SahdeAt elle daniel, we’ve designed an array of custom lamp shades featuring the color black. In feng shui, black symbolizes mystery, sophistication, power and protection. With a touch of black in your custom lamp shades, you can add elegance and strength your office or home decor.

      Why Buy Black Custom Lamp Shades?

      Add black custom lamp shades to your office or home decor in order to create:

      • Sophistication and elegance
      • Mystery and drama
      • Depth and definition

      Custom Lamp Shades with Black

      Here is a sample of our custom lamp shades designed with the color black.

      Feng Shui Benefits of Black Lamp Shades

      Feng Shui Bagua MapThe color black is a feng shui water element. Black is also the color of Yin (feminine energy) in the feng shui Yin-Yang combo.

      Black can be used freely in the feng shui bagua areas of the North (Water), East (Wood) and Southeast (Wood), but should be avoided in the South (Fire) bagua area of your home or office. However, black can be an especially positive addition to the North bagua area, attracting opportunities.

      Black lamp shades can offer a grounding and stabilizing feng shui energy. With this in mind, black lamp shades shouldn’t be placed higher than eye-level. In addition, avoid putting black lamp shades in children’s rooms, foyers, kitchens, or dining rooms.

      Used sparingly, black can add elegance and presence to a room. Custom lamp shades with a touch of black can be a perfect way to add this powerful and beautiful color to your home decor.

      While black can give an impression of elegance, sophistication and confidence, too much black in your decor can create a heavy, weighty feeling. It can even come across as intimidating, unapproachable, authoritative, negative and depressing. Combined only with white, black can create a tense atmosphere.

      As a result, black usually works best when combined with colors that brighten its energy. When we add the color black to our custom lamp shades, it often makes the other colors seem brighter in contrast.

      Color Psychology of Black Lamp Shades

      How do you feel about the color black? When we think of black, we often think of secrets, mystery, elegance, and sophistication.

      In color psychology, black symbolizes power, strength, independence, and self-control. The color black offers protection from external stress. Black can create a barrier between you and the outside world.

      The color black is the absorption of all color and the absence of light. It’s thought that black can absorb negative energy. In contrast to the color white, which can bring things to light, the color black can cover and conceal. We often wear black to hide our weight or insecurities. We also wear it to appear sophisticated, mysterious or sexy.

      An often contradictory color, the “emptiness” of black can symbolize potential, possibility and protection, as well as uncertainty, fear and death.