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      Elle Daniel


      Custom Lamp Shade: Keepsake from Travels

      At elle daniel, we don’t simply design custom lamp shades, we create keepsakes. Each of our custom lamp shades — made from sentimental fabric — becomes a keepsake for our clients. Our custom shades can commemorate weddings, honeymoons, travels, and more. Nostalgic fabrics include wedding dresses, grooms’ neckties, baby blankets, ballet dresses, collegiate t-shirts, uniforms, blouses, aprons, towels, and much more. We delight in designing a keepsake in honor of and in memory of people and events in your life. Turn old fabrics into new shades — and transform your living space with a keepsake that brightens your life.

      Keepsake: Custom Lamp Shade from French Tea Towel

      Pictured below is a custom lamp shade we recently designed as a keepsake. This shade has been meticulously handcrafted from a French tea towel. The towel was purchased by our client during travels through France.

      Looking for creative keepsakes to give your loved ones? Let us create a custom lamp shade from your sentimental fabrics. Custom lamp shades make perfect anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, mothers day gifts, and more.

      Give more than a gift, give a keepsake. A keepsake has the power to bring back beautiful memories of people and places that have touched your heart. Contact us today to discuss your custom lamp shade and keepsake.