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      Elle Daniel

      Feng Shui and Blue Lamp Shades

      Custom Lamp Shade by Sarasota Designer elle danielAt elle daniel, we have made an array of custom lamp shades featuring the color blue.

      Why is the color blue so potent in our custom lamp shades? From soft powder blue to bright sky blue to deep indigo blue, blue evokes a range of emotions.

      Blue is one of the safest and most universally-liked colors. Blue comes across as stable and non-threatening. According to research, the color blue can reduce stress, lower body temperature, decrease pulse rate, and slow down our metabolism. Did you know that blue is thought to decrease appetite? Besides blueberries and plums, blue rarely appears naturally in food. In fact, some weight-loss programs suggest eating from a blue plate.

      In home decor, blue is often used to create an atmosphere of relaxation, healing, calm and order. Since studies have shown that the color blue can increase productivity, blue lamp shades can be effective in home offices.

      Good feng shui depends a lot on quality lighting. When decorating, don’t ignore your lamp shades. Custom lamp shades are the perfect way to infuse feng shui colors into your home decor. Blue lamp shades can create a strong and calming presence of the water feng shui element.

      Add blue lamp shades to your home decor to increase:

      • Peace and relaxation
      • Stability and order
      • Flow of communication
      • Perspective and learning

      Custom Lamp Shades Featuring the Color Blue

      Blue Lamp Shades and Feng Shui Bagua Areas

      Feng Shui Bagua MapBlue is a popular feng shui color. The color blue, which belongs to the Water feng shui element, is associated with nourishment, refreshment and healing. Blue lamp shades can work wonderfully in the feng shui bagua areas of East (Health & Family) and Southeast (Wealth & Abundance).

      In feng shui, it’s often wise to be subtle. For this reason, custom lamp shades featuring light blue or dark blue can be the perfect way to add this beautiful and refreshing feng shui element to your home.

      Light Blue

      In feng shui, light blue is the color of gentle growth and harmonious expansion. Soft light blue can be an excellent feng shui choice for your home office or child’s study. Blue can be especially effective as a ceiling color. According to research, kids perform better under blue ceilings than white ones.

      Dark Blue

      In feng shui, dark blue is the color of calm and tranquility.

      Deep dark blue can be an excellent feng shui choice for bedrooms. Dark blue has been known to promote better sleep. However, while dark blue can be used freely in the North, East and Southeast feng shui bagua areas, dark blue should be used sparingly in the South, Northwest and West areas.

      The combination of blue and white is thought to be one of the most calming feng shui combinations. According to feng shui, blue and white infuse the energy of a boundless sky and happiness into your home.

      Blue Lamp Shades and Emotions

      The color blue is the very opposite of confrontation and excitement. In color psychology, blue is thought to be reassuring and relaxing. It can encourage feelings of communication and peace. However, o the negative side, the color blue can be associated with inflexibility and overthinking. Too much blue in your home decor can evoke feelings of sadness or aloofness.

      When you add blue lamp shades to your home decor, the color blue has the power to evoke a sense of:

      • Trust and loyalty
      • Reliability and responsibility
      • Peace and tranquility
      • Physical and mental relaxation
      • Predictability and security
      • Inner security and confidence
      • Order and direction
      • Freedom and idealism
      • Wisdom and intelligence
      • Spirituality and dedication
      • Support and helpfulness
      • Nostalgia and sentiment