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      Elle Daniel

      Feng Shui and Purple Lamp Shades

      Custom Lamp Shades: Purple Lamp ShadeAt elle daniel, we have designed an array of custom lamp shades featuring the colors purple, fuchsia, violet, and lavender. Why is purple such a potent color in our custom lamp shades? In feng shui, purple is the color that connects to the spiritual realms. A very strong, high vibration color, purple is not a smart choice for wall paint. For this reason, custom lamp shades woven with purple fabric can be a perfect way to add the beauty and healing power of purple to your office or home decor.

      Why Buy Purple Custom Lamp Shades?

      Add purple custom lamp shades to your office or home decor if you wish to:

      • Increase meditation and balance
      • Increase imagination and introspection
      • Decrease overactivity

      Feng Shui Benefits of Purple Lamp Shades

      Feng Shui Bagua MapOverall, the purple color works best in moderation. Avoid purple in the following feng shui bagua areas: East; Southeast; and West. Feng shui favors light purple tones — such as lavender — which can be softer and more soothing for your office space or home decor.

      Purple lamp shades can be a perfect accessory in your healing or meditation areas. According to feng shui, purple can be used freely in these areas, as long as they don’t fall in the East, West or Southeast bagua areas.

      Custom Lamp Shades Featuring Purple

      Here is a sample of our custom lamp shades featuring the purple color.

      Color Psychology of Purple Lamp Shades

      If you meditate, considering lighting your meditation space with purple lamp shades. Custom lamp shades with a touch of purple can be perfect for creative spaces, too.

      A combination of the color red (warm and dynamic) and the color blue (cool and calm), purple is considered an ideal color for meditation and creativity. Purple unites the energy and strength of red with the integrity and depth of blue. In color psychology, purple promotes mental and emotional harmony. The color purple is seen as the link between the spiritual and physical world; between thought and action. Throughout history, purple has been strongly linked with spirituality, meditation, magic, fantasy, and the supernatural. The purple color is also associated with creativity, originality, imagination, inspiration, introspection, and high ideals. Purple often appeals to children, artists, writers, poets, philosophers, psychics. As if that isn’t enough, purple is the color of the humanitarian — a combination of wisdom and humility; authority and compassion. And of course, purple has long been associated with the luxury and power of royalty and nobility.

      Used in moderation, purple is considered a connection to a higher consciousness. However, too much purple can become an unhealthy escape from reality. In addition, too much purple is thought to aggravate depression in those who are predisposed to mental illness.