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      Elle Daniel

      Feng Shui and Red Lamp Shades

      Use Custom Lamp Shades to Add Red to Your Decor

      Custom Lamp Shades - Scarlet Shells lamp shade by elle danielAt elle daniel, we have designed an array of custom lamp shades featuring the color red.

      Why is red such a potent color in our custom lamp shades? Red is a color of warmth, energy, and passion. In feng shui, red is a fire element representing the sun and life. A balanced feng shui fire element in your home can increase joy and sexual desire.

      No one wants to live in a home without warmth. Red lamp shades or custom lamp shades with a touch of red can add the vibrancy your home needs. In fact, the very best way to infuse the color red into your home is with red accents, such as custom lamp shades featuring red.

      A bright, bold color, red can evoke strong emotions. In color psychology, red is energizing and motivating. Red can even be confidence boosting. As the color of sexuality, red can stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, such as love and sex. The color of blood, red is associated with life and vitality. Like all colors, red can be a positive or negative force, depending on how it’s used. On the positive, red can fuel energy, action, and passion. On the negative side, red can stimulate anger and aggression. According to research, red can increase our heart rate and blood pressure.

      Considering adding the color red to your home decor? Custom lamp shades featuring red can infuse just the right amount of red into your home.

      Why Add Red Lamp Shades to Your Home Decor?

      Add red lamp shades to increase:

      • Enthusiasm and energy
      • Action and confidence
      • Passion, appetite and sexuality
      • Protection from timidity and anxiety

      Custom Lamp Shades with a Spark of Red

      Best Rooms for Red Lamp Shades

      Feng Shui Bagua MapAccording to feng shui, what are the best rooms for red lamp shades? You’ll want to avoid a bold presence of red in certain areas of your home (i.e. East and Southest Bagua as well as West and Northwest Baqua). However, there are exceptions to this rule.

      Red Lamp Shades in the Bedroom

      An adult bedroom can be the perfect place for the color red–no matter where it falls in feng shui bagua map.

      The trick is to add red lamp shades or red accents–rather than use red as the overall color of the room. In the bedroom, it’s important to find the right balance of red. You don’t want the fiery color of red to interfere with a good night’s sleep. At the same time, red can contribute warmth, passion and sexual healing for partners.

      Red lamp shades and accessories can be a great way to introduce red into your bedroom.

      Red Lamp Shades for Kitchen & Dining

      The vibrant energy of red is perfect for kitchen or dining rooms. According to color psychology, the color red can stimulate the appetite.

      The color red usually works best as a lampshade or accessory, but if your kitchen/dining areas are in the South or Southwest bagua areas, then you can feel free to take red to the limit!

      The color red tends to add life to meals, gatherings, and parties. Cooking and dining by red lamp shades can lift your spirit and your energy.

      In kitchen, dining and general living spaces, red lamp shades can create a beautiful and dramatic focal point.

      Red Lamp Shades in Feng Shui Bagua Areas

      Red lamp shades and accessories can be extremely potent in the South feng shui area (Fame and Reputation). Red symbolizes luxury, passion, celebration.

      However, too much of the color red can be overstimulating–since red is also associated with restlessness and anger. As a result, red should be used in moderation in children’s rooms.

      Red lamp shades also tend to work well in the feng shui areas with the earth element (Center, Southwest, Northwest). Fire nourishes earth in the productive cycle of the five elements.

      How Do You Feel about the Color Red?

      “Red has guts …. deep, strong, dramatic.” ~ Valentino

      Positives of the color red: action, energy, speed, attention-getting, assertive, confident, energizing, stimulating, exciting, powerful, passionate, ambitions, courageous, strong, spontaneous.

      Negatives of the color red: aggressive, overbearing, exhausting, fearful, intolerant, stubborn, resentful, angry, ruthless, violent.

      Red is the Chinese color of luck and happiness; the marriage color in India; and the symbolic color of love and romance, courage and passion in the West.