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      Elle Daniel

      Free Craft Project: Turn a jar into a lamp base for a custom shade!

      Canning Jar Lamp Base with Custom Lamp ShadeIf you’ve fallen in love with one of our handmade lamp shades or you’re ordering a custom lamp shade, you’ll need a lamp base.

      If you don’t already have a lamp base on hand, you may wish to create your own, using a canning jar.

      This is an inexpensive way to personalize and design your own lamp base!


      How to Turn a Canning Jar into a Lamp Base

      Materials needed:

      1. Canning Jar Lamp Kit
        This can be easily purchased on Amazon (Zinc Jar Lamp Kit or Brass Jark Lamp Kit)
      2. Light Bulb
      3. Filling Items (if you want to personalize your jar)

      No drilling required; only assembly.

      Personalizing Your Lamp Base

      Here’s the fun part of designing your custom lamp base… filling the jar!

      You may wish to fill the jar with a theme in mind or with items that are special to you or your recipient. Personalized lamp bases, along with an elle daniel lamp shade, make a wonderful personalized gift for birthdays and holidays!

      Here are ideas for filling the jar:

      • Potpourri or pinecones
      • Seashells and/or Sand
      • Polished Stones
      • Marbles
      • Beads
      • Pom Poms
      • Pennies or Coins
      • Candy
      • Bath soap, beads or salts
      • Colorful push pins
      • Small Christmas Ornaments
      • Feathers

      Home Lamp Embellishments

      Here are ideas for embellishing your canning jar lamp base:

      • Glue items on the outside of the jar (such as seashells)
      • Add a bow by tying a wire-edged ribbon around the neck of the jar
      • Add raffia to the jar neck

      Add a Custom Lamp Shade

      Custom Lamp Shades - Poppin' Plaid shade by elle danielAt elle daniel, we love to empower our clients and customers with homemade craft ideas, especially when you have the opportunity to repurpose or recycle household items into beautiful and custom home decor.

      We can create a custom fabric lamp shade for your jar lamp base that matches your theme – or uses nostalgic material that you supply! Many of our clients have sent us their favorite patterns or sentimental fabric (aprons, bibs, blankets) to turn into the custom lamp shade of their dreams!