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      Elle Daniel

      Go Green with Custom Lamp Shades!

      Custom Lamp Shades

      At elle daniel, we’ve created an array of custom lamp shades featuring the color green.

      Green lamp shades can infuse a soothing sense of nature and health into your office or home decor.

      Long associated with nature and the natural world, the color green symbolizes health, growth, learning, life and rebirth. Today, the color green has become even more powerful as a symbol of ecology and environmental well-being.

      A cool color, green is known to be restful, cheerful and healthful.

      What does the color green mean to you?

      Custom Lamp Shades in Shades of Green

      Add green lamp shades to your office or home decor if you want:

      • Balance
      • Growth
      • Healing
      • Stress Relief

      Green is considered a “safe” color. The color green is often used in office and home decor for a calming effect. According to studies, green office decor can lead to fewer employee stomachaches. In television and theatre, actors and guests wait in a “green room” to relax before their appearance.

      Gallery of Green Custom Lamp Shades by elle daniel

      Contact us to discuss custom lamp shades for your office or home decor.