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      Elle Daniel

      How to Choose a Lamp Shade? Go Custom!

      Experts have plenty of how-to tips and long lists on choosing lamp shades for your lamp base, your table, your decor. But the easy answer? Go custom. Buying custom lamp shades has never been easier. And it relieves you of having to figure out all the ins-and-outs of lamp shades all by yourself.

      Custom Lamp ShadeFinding the perfect lamp shade to go with your decor can become a wild goose chase. Custom lamp shades take the agony out of finding the right shade for your home or your business.

      1. Coordinating Lamp Shade Colors

        You need a lamp shade that compliments the colors of your living space, which is often easier said than done. With a custom lamp shade, the entire color wheel is at your fingertips. We can design a custom shade that color-matches your decor perfectly.

      2. Matching Shade and Base

        You need a lamp shade that covers lamp hardware, but still allows you to easily operate the lamp switch. With a custom lamp shade, we’ll make sure your lampshade is sized perfectly for your base.

      3. Marrying Form and Function

        It’s easy to fall madly in love with a lamp shade, and then wonder where in the world it will fit into your home! With a custom lamp shade, your shade will be handcrafted to fit exactly where it’s needed. For example, a table lamp has different needs than a standing lamp. You may need a lampshade for ambiance — or you may need it to read by. The function of your lamp shade will directly affect its form.

      4. Unusual Shades for Unusual Spaces

        Too often, we’re “generic” with our lighting in bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, walk-in closets, basements, garage, and more. Custom lamp shades are an excellent way to create a calm and soothing atmosphere in a cramped or unusual place.

      5. Navigating Lamp Shade Styles

        Lamp shades come in so many sizes and shapes that it can be daunting to choose what’s right for you and your space. With a custom lamp shade, you can let us worry about the lamp shade dimensions and style — including drum lamp shades, cylinder lamp shades, floor lamp shades, empire lamp shades, coolie lamp shades, bell lamp shades, and more.

      Contact Linda Daniel to discuss custom lamp shades for your home or business!