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      Elle Daniel

      Lamp Shades: An Easy Way to Update Your Decor!

      Custom Lamp Shade on White Lamp BaseWhen we grow tired of the dull or outdated look of our living space, we often think of repainting the walls or buying brand new furniture. However, these can be expense and time-consuming ways to update and/or improve our home decor.

      You can quickly transform a boring white lamp base simply by adding a bright new shade. (See photo to the right.)

      Add Style to Your Home with Table Lamp Shades

      It’s amazing how easily you can embellish your home decor with new table lamp shades.

      With custom lamp shades, you can choose ANY color, pattern, size, shape, and fabric you wish. We create custom lamp shades in ANY style to meet all your lighting needs.

      Add Interest and Flair to Your Home Decor

      If you want to add interest to your home decor, choose a unique pattern and unusual shape that complements the room.

      Custom prints include floral, animal prints, polka dots, stripes, plaid, geometric, and more. Custom shapes include drum, bell, empire, pyramid, cone, pagoda, oval, rectangular, square, and more.

      Go Retro or Vintage with Your Home Decor

      If you want to add a vintage or retro look, custom lamp shades are a perfect touch. Our retro and vintage-inspired shades can be embellished with pom-poms, fringe and more.

      Today retro and vintage decor are very popular. If you’re not sure what is considered “vintage” or “retro,” read our explanation of the main differences between vintage, retro, and antique home decor.

      Get Personal & Sentimental with Your Home Decor

      For a custom lamp shade, you can even send us nostalgic fabric of your own – such as your grandmother’s apron, your mother’s blouse, your baby’s blanket or your son’s school tee – all of which can be transformed into a personal and sentimental lamp shade for your home or for a gift.

      Check out our lamp shade store for ideas.