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      Elle Daniel

      Sarasota Day Interviews Elle Daniel

      Linda Daniel, Designer of Custom Lamp Shades

      Sarasota, Florida – Custom lamp shade designer, Linda Daniel was interviewed for Sarasota Day.

      In the interview, Linda discusses her transformation from a high-powered political fundraiser in Washington DC to a custom lampshade designer in Sarasota, Florida.

      Stepping into Daniel’s downtown apartment and studio is a feast for the senses. The door swings open revealing a living space with light pouring in from the French doors that overlook Sarasota and the Bay beyond. There is color everywhere; pinks, blues and greens, glinting gold frames with gorgeous artwork (all painted by Daniel’s mom), pink armchairs and sunflowers. The whole place is an extension of Daniel’s creativity. ~ Aimee Sicora

      With so much creativity in herself and her family, Linda was ready to commit herself to doing what she loved — and brightening people’s lives along the way.